In just a few moments we are going to talk about what is Journaling and why you and I should use it to improve ourselves. And that includes the 5 effective uses of Journaling.

So what is Journaling? You might asked. Journaling is a writing tool used by experts or scientist in their scientific explorations and discoveries. They use it to save datas and express their comments or personal opinions about what they’ve observed and the things they would like to accomplish.

And that increases their effectiveness. The more they journal, the more they remember and the more they’re able to apply what they’ve learned in their future endeavor.

But here’s the good news… You and I need not to become scientist to Journal. We can use journaling anyway we want. We can journal to improve our business, school, creativity and also our personal lives. Isn’t that amazing?

So now let’s get on with the main event of this blog post.
What are the 5 effective uses of Journaling?

No. 1 – Creative Writing

This one is for writers. And I mean any kind of writer. So if you do fiction writing or non-fiction writing, it doesn’t matter. Journaling can help you awaken your creativity if you dare put it to the test.

I used to write short stories and even try to write a fantasy novel which got me to a point when my characters were alive and having a conversation with me, and that’s all in writing.

If you’re writing a fiction, it’s a good way to get to know your characters through this Journaling method. What you would want to do is to simply speak with them in your writing.

Put them in different situations and challenges and see how they would react based on their traits. Describe their unique characteristic and appearances.

The more you journal or write about them, the clearer, more realistic these characters and story become and the faster you’ll get the job done.

No. 2 – Problem Solving

Do you have problems or challenges in life, which there seem to be no solution to? Be not dismay. Not all hope is lost.

Aside from praying and taking actions, Journaling is an additional way to find solution to your problems. Journaling may not solve your problem instantly like magic, but it does help you identify your options for solving them.

How is this different from the ordinary way of solving our problem? Before we answer that, what is the ordinary way which many people take?

The ordinary way looks like this… Let’s take a look at Pedro for example. One day he ran into some life’s technical difficulty, which he didn’t know how to deal with.

What happens then is that, he starts to feel helpless and insecure. And this kind of reaction messed up his ability to think for solution or ways to solve the problem. Not knowing how to deal with it left him paralyzed and stressed out. This was bad.

Now lets take a look at another way of dealing with this issue. Jelito experienced the same problem as Pedro. But Jelito uses Journaling to organize his thoughts and emotion.

He then wrote about his problem and with it, he listed below 10 possible solution that could possibly the solution to his problem.

Even though he had not solved the problem yet, Jelito didn’t feel helpless and insecure. As you can probably see, managing our thoughts and emotion is very crucial to our success and how we deal with problems.

And if we use journaling as a tool to help us find our options to solve problems, then we are half way done. You’re on your way to a more productive life.

No. 3 – Brainstorming

Need some ideas about your new project. Maybe you have a project at school, work or even just personal project that you want to work on.

There will be times that getting the right ideas come as great challenge. What many of us do is simply spend a brief moment to think about a good idea.

And if we don’t get any we give up. This is exactly when Journaling can also come in handy. There is this one of many ways to get ideas. It’s called Brain Storming. Try not to confuse it with Brianstorming, because I have a friend who’s name is Brian.

Sometimes he would just rush into the door like a tornado without warning. And that’s what I call Brian Storming. You get it? But yeah. We’re not talking about that.

What I’m talking about however, is Brainstorming. It’s about finding ideas to impress your boss, the girl or boy you like, whichever you wanna use it for.

You can Brainstorm by yourself, or with a group of people. And you do that for the purpose of generating unique ideas, which hopefully will make your life easier.

All you have to do is set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes(You can set longer if you want) and then you or everybody in your group will do the best you can to generate ideas paper as fast as you can. And that my friend is how you do Brainstorming.

No. 4 – Emotional Cure

Ok, so we’ve talked about Brianstorming and Brainstorming, now let’s talk about Emotional Cure. What is emotional cure and how can we integrate Journaling to make that happen?

When we say emotional cure, this means we’ve got to be dealing with emotional issue here. Maybe we’re in the middle of a messy life.

Maybe it’s you’re going through a divorce or a simple yet complicated relationship breakup, feeling inferior or insecure, or perhaps when we are afraid of something, or when we feel sad, lonely, ashamed and so fort.

The point is when we are experiencing something unpleasant emotionally and it’s greatly affecting our psychology and behavior, that’s exactly the time when we need it…

This is also when Journaling can be be such a useful tool. Others pop drugs such as Zoloft to feel like Olap or other antidepressant as a solution.

But there are a few others who pick up their pen and paper and they journal. They express their thoughts and their feelings on paper. And as a result, emotions are released.

And they no longer feel trapped or about to explode. Because all those emotions that have been botttled up, are now free to go. It’s like boiling water with cover on it. If you keep that cover, what tends to happen is that the content forces it’s way from inside out.

When you take off the lid, the pressure comes off and its free. It’s no longer going to explode. So if you catch yourself going through heaving challenges in life and you feel so bottled up you’re about to explode… then, I encourage you to give journaling a try.

Grab a pen and paper and talk about what’s bothering you. Talk as if you’re talking to a friend. Your goal here is to release your thoughts and emotions, so don’t hold back.

No. 5 – Manifestation

Alright, so this one is pretty big. If you’re into self help, I can probably guarantee that you’ve heard terms like Methaphysics. If so then you probably know about the Secret.

The people who talked and hosted the Secret also talked a lot about Manifestation. What is manifestation? In a simpler way to say it, manifestation is about having a desire and making it come to past. In other words, make it come true or come to life instead of just in your head.

At this point your mind maybe asking, “What does manifestation got to do with Journaling?”

Great question. We’ll Journaling is a form of writing which can strengthen memories by vivid imagining or visualization. When you journal to manifest, you write about your hopes and dreams.

In your journal, as you write them down tends to happen is that you also engage in visualization. That’s right. You visualize them. The more you journal, the more vivid and concrete your dreams and desire in your subconscious mind.

This means stronger neuroconnection between you and what you desire to do and experience in reality.

This causes you to attract certain situations or events in your life. Those events provide you with the opportunity to get what you desire.

If you have questions and comments, don’t forget to write them below. And feel free to share this article to others who might benefit from it. Thanks for stopping by!