Have you ever asked this question in your mind, “Is this all there is to life?” or something similar? If so, you’ve probably wondered if there is any other way you can experience life itself.

I believe the answer is yes. Our lives or how we experience it is base on how we see and feel it.   In other words, if you’re regular outlook of life is negative and limited, then it’s not the kind of life that you would enjoy living.  

So what’s going to happen is you will feel depress, anxious and when you grow older,  you’re going to look back in your past years with regrets. This is no bueno at all.   I don’t want that to happen to you or me. So what can we do to avoid that?

I’ve listed things that we can do so that our lives will be better than the year before. So that it will not be limited, yet deeper and more meaningful or purposeful.  

1# Discover and Explore Your Strengths 

  While we’re young I believe it’s a wise thing to focus some of our time and energy in discovering and exploring ourselves. Why is this important? Just put it this way… You’re looking at several decades of life existence, then our lives will be over.  

The point is… we do not live forever. Most people who reached the end of their lives didn’t even know their full capabilities or at least 10% of it. And that’s not because they’re all incapable of learning, but because they never considered it. Many of us are too busy trying to look good and people-pleasing in social media.    

That’s our personal and valuable time spent on others who don’t even care about us. As a result, many of us ignore the really important thing, which making that important investment. And that important investment is investing our time in discovering and exploring ourselves. In other words, the and develop their talents and strengths.  

What else is a bad news if we continue to waste our time on others instead of self discovery? We would never realized what it’s like to be on the other side of our personal success. The other side is when you know yourself, what you’re good at and you’re using it to make your own life better as well as making other people’s lives better.  

On the other hand, what’s in it for you and me? Discovering our strengths can give us a better, much more positive outlook in life. It can give us self-confidence. Do you remember what it feels like to look at the world with total confidence?

It’s like being a super hero who has to overcome a bunch of challenges and yet you feel well-armed and capable of facing them all.   You don’t feel ashamed. You don’t feel like a loser. If something, you feel calmer, you feel like you have control over yourself.  

2# Constantly Improve Yourself

  As Anthony Robbins says in his books and seminars, CANI or Constant and Never Ending Improvement causes us to be happy. Happiness is related to our progression in life. Therefore, when we constantly progress or improve our lives, the happier and less depress we become.  

We don’t have to wait till we are old to make progress in life. If we are feeling stuck in a rut, it’s ok to just a little bit of improvement. The hardest part of improvement is in the beginning. It’s like the space shuttle of NASA, the beginning it uses lots of fuel, but once it gets up in space, it uses much less fuel.  

Constant improvement can make us happy and feel good about ourselves. So find areas in your life which you can improve upon and slowly work on it. It can be your health, your knowledge, your business or finances. Why? Because it’s worth it.  

3# Know Your Ideal End Result

  Most of us go through life without even knowing what we are all about. This is also not good. Not knowing what we want to be in the future is like giving away control of our future. I’m not saying that we have full control of what our lives are going to be, but we can at least affect it by making better decisions.  

What is it like to just go with the flow and not know what our ideal life is about? It’s like jumping into a car and driving without having a set destination. The result?.. You’re all over the place and not really going anywhere specific. You’re lost.  

Compare that to knowing what your ideal life you would like to live. You’re like a wise architect. You have a clear-cut blueprint. In other words, you know what your building would look and be like once it’s done.  

And what does this do to you? This gives you a sense of direction. Having this fix in your mind, you’ll have better ideas of what decisions you should be making. And that my friend… is geared to accomplishment.  

So get an idea of what your life is about. What do you want to be known as? What would you like people to say about you upon knowing you for years, or even your deathbed. Build your legacy instead of letting circumstances build it for you.   

You’ve made it to the end. Yay! Thank you for reading! If this has been meaningful to you, I hope you’d share it on social media to support me. And also please leave a comment and let me know if there are things that you’d like to add on the list. See you next time!