Hi there! If you stay with me, In just a moment, you’ll learn about the 5 bad habits that are ruining your success.

Why should you even bother with this? If you’re wondering whether the information here is for you or not, then I’d like you to answer this simple question… Do you want to be successful and happy with your life? 

If you’re an ambitious person who believes that you deserve a better life experience, who doesn’t enjoy being treated negatively by other people, who is not satisfied with mediocre lifestyle, who values yourself, then the answer is… this is for you. Because you want to be successful and happy. Who in his or her right mind doesn’t.

But what does success got to do with our habits? Habits are what shape who we are and who we become. It can also determine whether a person is going to live an extraordinary life or not.

So if you are in need of success and a better quality of life right now, whether it’s in health, business, or emotional and mental health, one of the keys lies in the habits and the constant decisions that we make.

Here’s the common problem, we all have bad habits. Yes, it sucks, because it works against us. But that’s just how it is with humans. The good news is that, it’s possible to change it. And that can give us a chance to experience success and transformation in our lives.
With that said, let’s now identify the 5 Bad Habits that are Ruining Your Success.

1# Reactive Thinking

Being reactive means, you’re allowing people or external condition to negatively affect your decisions. If you’ve read the 5 habits of Highly Effective People, you probably know one of the habits is being Proactive. This is the exact opposite of being Reactive, which is one of the habits of highly effective people.

Why is it a bad habit? When you’re being reactive, you are also being Ir-responsible, meaning not able to response to a situation in a manner that will serve you and others in a positive way.

When we are constantly being reactive, every time that there is a seemingly bad or negative situation, what usually happens is we think and act in negative way in response. 

This is bad because we limit ourselves with one negative outcome, instead of being proactive or responding in a different way, which will produce a different and positive result.

2# Undermining Yourself

As humans, it’s very common for us to experience mistakes and failure, which is why many of us tend to undermine or ability to climb the mountain of success. 

There are times in our lives when we are inspired to dream big. The problem is, because we have failed so much in the past, many of us judge or define ourselves by those failures.

When we do this to ourselves, every time we try to dream of a better future, there is this nagging, negative thoughts that says, “Excuse me, you failed before, what makes you think you’ll be successful now?” Or “Who do you think you are to deserve something like that.” Or “You’re just not cut out for this.”

This habit of undermining yourself is dangerous and must be minimize or eliminated out of your consciousness. But that is if you are serious about becoming better and more successful.

3# Ditching Your Vision

First of all, what is having a vision? Is it really that important? And why is ditching our vision is one of bad habits on our list?

Yes. Absolutely! Having a vision is very important. Before a building, a ship or other structures are built, the so called architects have this thing called a Blueprint. It contains a plan of what it would be like when its completed successfully.

The blueprint is your vision. When you know your vision, you know your plan and what success would look and feel like in the future. 

The more you know about it in detail, the better decisions you make. The closer you get. But ditching your vision will only leave you heartaches or regrets for the actions you didn’t take.

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Wish you the best of success!