So you want to get fit. Good! Today I’m going to give you 5 tips on how to get fit and stay fit in 2020. 

But you might secretly ask, Rigor, why should I even bother? Good question. Why? Because deep within your heart you know that its good for you. The lurking challenge is it takes time and effort. 

But is it worth it? Absolutely! Your health is one of the most important gifts in your life and getting fit is one of the ways to cherish it. 

If you’re not convince yet, remember the time when you feel weak and lacking of energy and zest for life. The question is… do you enjoy experiencing that? Of course not! 

So let’s not wallow in to that. Let’s now take a step forward into feeling better and more confident about ourselves. 

1. Begin with the end in mind

If you’re going to get far with this, what I want you to do is to start with your mind. You have to be fully convince that this is something of a great value. That you are fighting for a good cause.

And I know you’ve heard this saying before, but think about it as if your life depends on it, because it does.

Do you remember any movie where the main characters were totally devoted in fighting for their cause?

Don’t they strive and don’t give up easily even though they were faced with difficult challenges? Yes. That’s exactly the type of mindset I want you to have. That way you wont easily give up when the time of testing comes.

2. Decide what your goals are

One of the great decisions you should be making is to simply decide what your goals are.

For example, my goal is to lose 5 pounds. And then you give yourself certain period of time to reach it. Such as, my goal is to lose 5 pounds and I expect to see it 2 to 4 weeks from now.

In this way, you’re mind knows what to expect before you even do the work. 

Have you ever work with a boss who does not tell you what work you will be doing until its time to do the actual work? Well, if you have, how did it feel? If you were like me, you probably felt like you’re not even part of the team. You’re just unprepared.

The decision takes you by surprise and your mind isn’t given enough time to prepare. You’re just simply not ready for it mentally and emotionally. Isn’t that awesome? No. It’s not.

In other words, you don’t want to do that to yourself. So have a moment with yourself and write down your fitness goals and how long you think it would take to get there.

3. Break down your workout

When you workout you have to remember not to overwhelm your mind and body by doing all kinds of exercises in one day.

For people who are new or doesn’t have enough experience, what tends to happen is they engaged all parts of their bodies with concentrated workout in the same session. It’s like there’s no tomorrow. This may seem like you’re getting things done quite effectively, but that’s not the case. 

The more exercise you do the less strength and energy you have to perform other exercises effectively. Therefore,if you want to be more effective, break your workout into smaller muscle groups or activities per session.

Meaning, don’t workout your body from head to toe even if you have time. 
Instead, try working out your upper body today, and then the next day go for the lower body.

This way you’re not overloading your mind and body, which can cause great relapse in the future.

4. Rest effectively

Many people underestimate the power of rest. I’ve seen people who workout everyday. I know it because I used to do it. Like literally  seven days a week.

It seem like a good thing to do, but unless you’re a machine I believe it’s a terrible idea.

Why? Because for your body to grow and improve, whether its for the performance, growth and so on, you’re body needs to recover. You can find out the truth about it for yourself or you can just follow my advice.

If your goal is to have bigger bicep, try doing bicep exercises everyday and see the result after a month. But if you would ask me, what most likely the end result of this concept? The answer is, it would result in very little muscle growth and more damage done to the body.

5. Consider taking multivitamins

When you start to become active what happen is your body demands more

nutrients. Unfortunately, when the body’s nutrients are insufficient, problem start to occur. Things like, lack of energy and poor bodily function. 
In other words, if you want your body to continue to function well, you have to make sure you meet it’s demand.

There you have it my friend. If you have questions and comments, please leave them down below. I’d love to hear what you think. Thanks for reading. Much love.

~ Rigor