how to choose the best life partner

So how do you choose the best life partner? Choosing the best life partner is not a laughing matter. Marriage is a huge area of life that’s going to affect the course of our future and therefore, we should choose wisely. If you want to be happy with yourself and your partner, the most important thing you can do is to first find the best one that suits your long term ideal life.

In this discussion, I will be teaching you something that holds tremendous value… which is how to increase your chance of choosing the best life partner. Let’s get started.

Learn His or Her Goals and Direction in Life

I’d like to give you one example of how important this is. About a year ago, I’ve heard a story of a couple who have gotten married. Not long after they got married, surprisingly, they were convinced that their marriage is over and they hired a lawyer to process their divorce papers.

One of the reasons why is because they realized that the direction of their life is going the opposite ways of how they wanted it to be. Many of their goals in life are not the same and they’re not even similar, but they are completely opposite.

One of the wife’s goal was to spend the rest of her life in Europe and the husband absolutely hated that. His goal was to spend the rest of his life in the US.

The lesson here is your goal should not result in great conflict with one another. You don’t have to have the same goals, but you have to be able to work it out. Both partner must be able to come to an agreement and find a way to make it work, without compromising peace and happiness. If none of you are willing to work it out, then you will be facing a life long burden that make both of you miserable.

Learn His or Her Habits

One of the mistake that people make is not paying enough attention to habits. When you are dating someone, what you should do is study the person’s lifestyle or habits. This will give you a great insight about how the person lives his or her life.

Well, how important is it to study your potential partner’s life? I’d like to tell you a quick story about a person who did not give any value in studying the habits of his potential partner. Aaron as an attractive young man who was looking for his relationship match. His goal is to find a girl who is as attractive as he is. He then found and started seeing a girl who is very attractive and perfectly fits his physical standard.

After being with the girl for awhile, Aaron started to see things that didn’t seem right in his partner’s habitual behavior. He is known to be the type of person with Constructive Health Habits, which means, his habits are geared to contribute to his good health. The girl on the other hand, has Destructive Health Habits, meaning, her habits contributes to the destruction of her health.

Her destructive habits were smoking, getting drunk and spending time with toxic people who don’t even really care about her. And this has proven to be a huge set back in building a great relationship.

So before you even think about marriage, open your eyes and find out if your potential life partner’s habits are compatible with yours. Because if not, you may find yourself asking this question, “Why did I even make this decision?”

Learn His or Her Values

Another important thing you should be looking for is His or Her values. Or what do this person find important in his or her life. Some potential life partner may give great importance to their religion, family and education.

If you value your religion or spiritual lifestyle and the other person does not, then you are not in agreement. If you are family oriented type of person and your chosen life partner is not, then you are not in agreement. If you value education and a bright future for your family and your partners doesn’t seem to care about any of it, then you are not in agreement, and therefore, great conflict may arise.

This is why many couple find themselves in disconnect, even after they’ve been together for years. However, having different values don’t always mean that it’s impossible for you and your partner to have a life together, but it determine the quality of relationship and how deeply you can connect with each other. In other words, having the same or similar values do contribute to the success of your relationship with your best life partner.

These 3 steps are just some of the things that you can do to ensure that you choose the best life partner. There are definitely other things that need to be considered so don’t limit yourself. Thank you for visiting my blog. I wish for you the best in your search for your best life partner.