Why is it Important to Love Yourself?

In this article we are going to talk about how to truly love yourself.  We are going to ask and answer questions such as, why we should love ourselves and how does it really affect the quality of our lives and so on? So stick around with me and let’s start learning how to love ourselves!

So what’s the big deal about loving ourselves? You might say things like, “I don’t hate myself so why should I bother reading about how to truly love yourself?” If you’re like many people who do not know the good things that will come out of self-love, this is a perfect opportunity to take a closer look at this matter.

Loving ourselves can provide many positive things in our own personal live, as well as the lives of people around us. Before we talk more about that, let us now look into a situation when we don’t love ourselves. This way we can figure out the difference.

When we Don’t Love Ourselves

Ok, so when you don’t love yourself, what would normally happen is it would be more challenging to be happy. There are going to be emotional conflicts and challenges that you will experience. And for people who don’t understand and observe their emotions, this could lead to many layers of negative cycles of emotions. This will eat you on the inside, quietly but surely. This is bad.

Why is it bad? Negative emotions that are not tended can hinder us in taking the right actions and worse it can immobilize a person psychologically. So the more screwed up our psychology and emotions, the more unsuccessful we will be in different aspects of life. Nobody wants that. You don’t want that. Perhaps, that is why you’re here.  Good for you.

How to Truly Love Yourself

What does self-love means? The dictionary describes it as,

regard for one’s own well-being and happiness

Self-love means, you love yourself, you respect yourself, you care about yourself, you desire good things for yourself. You might believe that you love yourself and that is because you think and say it. But take note of this… words and thoughts of self-love are not enough to prove that you truly love yourself. To truly love yourself you must couple your words with actions. This is how you will know how much you truly love yourself.

What are the Kinds of Actions that Demonstrate Self-Love?

How can we define an action that demonstrate self-love? The right action can be summed up to something that adds value to your life, or actions that make your life better in long terms, or has no harmful side effects. On the opposite side, doing something harmful and things that will lead you to unhappiness and regrets are the actions, which DO NOT demonstrate self-love.

For people who can’t afford nice things yet, who are feeling left out. Many think that buying unnecessary material things out of their credit cards will make them happy, therefore it is a demonstration of self-love. But is that correct? In the short run maybe. Because buying things that we like do make us happy. But what about in the long run? The answer is definitely not.

Adding more credit card bills to worry about is a gravity. It cripples your self-confidence, It minimizes self-esteem and maximize self doubts, fears and other worries is life. This is not how to truly love yourself. Unless, you use that credit card wisely, which guarantees greater ROI(Return of Investment) and will solve your other problems in life, then that’s a totally different story. But if there’s no guarantee that your life will be better, then it is not action stemming from genuine self-love.