2018 has arrived! Why should you be wise with how you spend your time and money? Let’s face it, as the years pass us by we can’t expect things to be the same. We are not growing any younger. The bad news is that we cannot stop ourselves from aging, but the good news is we can make things better by making better decisions than the year before.

So now let’s talk about 5 wise investments for your time and money that will change your life. If you’re like many people, you probably worked long and hard to make your life the best you can make it. That’s great! Nonetheless, you should not let this go to waste. Here are some wise things you can invest your time and money into…

Get a Gym Membership

You’ve probably heard this very popular saying before, Robin Sharma often said, “Your health is your wealth”.  It is never a bad idea to invest your time and money on health. Why? Because health is what keeps us going. It helps us feel happy and allows us to experience life in a fantastic level.

Take a Vacation

For those who have gotten the chance to achieve their goals, it is okay to take a break. It is okay to take a vacation. If you are unable to take full weeks of vacation, no problem just take a mini vacation or a two-day vacation if that’s all you can afford. The idea is you cannot constantly bombard your mind and body with hustle and bustle of life and expect it not to wear out.

Give yourself time to recover and peace of mind. Taking a vacation. Going to different places is a great way to experience paradigm shift. I think I first learned about Paradigm Shift from Dr. Stephen Covey’s book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

But what is paradigm shift? You may asked. It is a change of psychological perception from one to another. Here’s how I can explain it… Once you’ve experience paradigm shift you can be looking at the same situation that’s making you feel angry, hopeless and frustrated but when you start experiencing the Paradigm Shift, you now see it quite differently, perhaps in a wonderful experience or something better than what it used to be as perceived by your mind.

That is what we can experience when we take a break. After a period of time being disconnected to what we think is a grave situation, we now realize that we had gained a new game-changing insight, which could give us better understanding of our difficult situation. This can also lead us to solution we have not thought about before.

Seek Spiritual Guidance

This one is probably the most important of all in my opinion. In reality, it doesn’t matter how smart we think we are or how much life experience we’ve gained that made us wise. The truth of the matter is we are just humans. That puts us in the category of tiny group of species in the known universe with limited knowledge and understanding.

There will come a point in our lives that we will have no idea of what hit us. We would wonder because we don’t know exactly why we are here. We won’t know why we are sick, depress, afraid, lost, poor, out of shape, broken-hearted, getting older, dying and so on.

So if you are at a point of your life when you are feeling confuse, feeling lost and not so sure about what life holds for you, then I highly encourage you not to ignore this message. I’d say invest your time and resources on seeking spiritual guidance and find the other missing purpose of your life. This could save your life.

Spend Time with People that Nourishes your Soul 

Another thing you can be wise and spend your valuable time on is with people who nourishes your soul. If you know people that uplift you, cheer you up, care about you and add more positive energy into your life, then spend your time with them. If possible, do what you can and spend time AWAY from toxic people.

They are the ones who carry around with them negative energy. They are pessimistic, untrue and degrades the quality of your life. But I firmly believe that your time is valuable, so learn how to respect it. You don’t need to be pleasing people who don’t even like or don’t even care about you.

Investment Wisely In Personal Development 

Invest your time and money in personal development. This is one of the best investment you’ll make in your life. People who are too ashamed to admit that they don’t know the answers to their problems turn their backs on personal development. Not a very wise choice when you’re trying to live a good life. But since you’ve read this far I’m certain you’re not one of them.

It pays to humble ourselves and admit that we don’t know everything about life. And that we actually need some kind of personal improvements to discover other things. I once read a quote, which I don’t remember who said it. It goes like this. “A fool that seeks answer is only fool for a moment, but a fool who don’t seek an answer remains a fool forever”.

I thought that was such a profound insight. Investing our time in Personal development could bring us the answers that we maybe looking for. It develop strong relationship with ourselves and it optimize ourselves.