Why bother setting goal? How to set goal and achieve it? What is the tactic that many high achievers use to achieve their goals?.. These are the questions that we will be handling today in a matter of minutes. So sit back and lets learn how we can double your achievements by these goal setting technique that we’re about to discuss.

The Goal of Goal Setting

The big question is, why should we even bother setting goals? Why bother if we can just wait for an idea to strike and then take action? The answer is simple… not everybody is successful. Not everyone of us have what we want and need in life.

And when we try to get them, the chance of failure is way up high. This is when goal setting has to intervene. The goal of goal setting is to help us achieve our goals. And that my friend is the answer that you been looking for.

How Does Goal Setting Increase Our Chance of Success?

When we set goal properly we are force to put our hopes and desire on the table. This means no hiding behind vague ideas. Everything has to be clear as much as possible. This means you will be looking at the details, as if you are building a relationship with a potential romantic partner, only this time its your relationship with your dreams, hopes and aspiration in life.

So how does goal setting increase the chance of success? When you set goal it forces clarity to occur in your mind. It forces your mind to expand its awareness of your goal. And this is what makes it easier for your subconscious mind to navigate towards your goal.

It’s like this… when you go to a new city you’ve never been to before, your subconscious mind is not able to imagine which way is East or West, or which part of the map you are located. This is what’s making it so difficult, if not, impossible to get to your destination without getting lost.

Now, imagine yourself holding your smart phone with your map app running. At this point of time, you can see where you are located and you can see which way you should go to get to your destination. This is what’s happening in your mind when you’re setting goal. It’s helping you see or become more aware of where you are and which actions to take to get to your goals.

The Secret Tactics of High Achievers

Now that you know how important it is to set goal, we are going to dive into the how and what to do, which will increase your ability to acheive your goals. Remember this acronym… SMART. This will help you increase your effectiveness in achieving your goal.

Specific you have to be specific about what you want to achieve. Remember the importance of clarity. If you are not sure of what you want to achieve you will not be able to take the most correct actions, which will result in accomplishing your goals.

So when you are writing your goal don’t put, I want money, instead, write, I want to earn $10,000 weekly by March, 3 2018. With that you should also write down the actions you need to take, which will allow you to get there.

Measurable – This simply indicates that the goal that we set is within our ability to measure. We’ll why is this important? Have you ever heard of the term paralysis by analysis?… Good! I’m glad you have.

If you haven’t it simply means becoming paralyze or immobilized by analyzing a situation. How is that related to this? When you are looking at something big, which you cannot measure, how do you feel? Probably confused and shocked, right? Perhaps, your saliva starts to drip without you noticing it, right?

So that’s the example of the negative result of not setting a goal, which is measurable. So make sure when you’re setting a goal choose the one that you can measure.

Attainable – Another mistake that we all make is that we set goal that is impossible to attain. Not only you will be disappointed but you may also lose valuable time and resources. So set something that’s not too hard, yet not too easy to attain.

Relevant/Realistic – Being relevant and realistic when it comes to setting goal is also not a bad idea. In fact, I recommend avoiding plan of actions that are not closely related or will not result into achieving your goal. The reason why is because you don’t want to waste your time. 

You also would want to be realistic, meaning not setting a goal which is too far-fetch. Setting an unrealistic goal which will leave you 1 or less than 1% chance of making it is probably not the best idea. An ideal thing to do is set goal which is you know for sure you can achieve if you put your best effort into place.

Time Bound – Another mistake that we make is that we don’t put a deadline on the calendar. As a result, we are not being challenge enough. This can cause our minds to be sidetrack and to drifts into oblivion. When we don’t set deadline our minds are not being trained to achieve goals in timely manner. So set that deadline. Give yourself a day, a week or a month depending on the difficulty of the goal.