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How to be happy in life is one of the questions we all want answer to. It is a very simple question, but are there any easy answer to it? In today’s world, it is very easy to get confused and feel disappointed about how our life is going. No wonder why lots of people are often feeling loss and depress, which sometimes can lead them to thinking that suicide may be their last and only solution. So what we are about to discuss now is a small group of alternatives solution.  So let’s get started.

1. Balance Your Energy

You might be unsure what to make of it, but What do I mean by balance your energy? Here’s a quick way to explain it. Lets imagine that everything that we consume are so-called energy. That includes the food that we eat. The beverage we drink. The information from the books that we read. The knowledge that we’ve acquired from our surroundings. They are all energy.

Now, there is nothing wrong about energy consumption. In fact, we need them to nourish ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. But the problem appears when we are consuming too much of energy and when we don’t utilize them. Have you ever experience constipation? Yes, it’s an unpleasant experience.

What happens when you have constipation? You feel bloated, sluggish because energy is under utilizing. Meaning you consume food but having a really hard time discharging them or letting them go even after the food has already been processed.This as a result has negative effect on the body.

That’s exactly same thing that’s happening to us when we don’t utilize other forms of energy we consumed. Overtime it turns into toxic material, which poisons the body, therefore, the body feel sick and sluggish.

And then it poison , which It makes you feel sick because you’re
a poisoning your body by not allowing it to be cleansed. So to balance your energy is to release them as much as you consume them. And that goes for food as well as the information that you receive. It means, you utilize them.

So how do you utilize them? You do that by exercising, pooping, sweating and urinating on time. This will balance the consumption and utilization of energy.

2. Stay Away From Junk Food

About a day ago I attended a gathering. In that gathering they served Caesars pizza. I probably haven’t mentioned but I love pizza since I was young. On top of that I haven’t had pizza in a long time. You probably can see where this is going. I was hungry so I immediately grabbed a couple of slices and then a couple more slices after that. Since I don’t plan to eat anymore pizza for a while I decided I should savor that moment, so i did. And later on that night I started experiencing breathing problem. In other words, it certainly was an unpleasant experience.

It’s probably obvious that consuming nutritious food will generate ‘feeling good’ effect or positive sensation, but its worth repeating. So why not do so? Why not invest your time and money on food that will make you feel better. If you don’t like the taste and texture I have a suggestion for you. You can invest in a blender and start buying fresh fruits and vegetables. The texture and the taste will be different and desirable.

So here’s one of the definite answers to how to be happy in life… Stay away from food that are going to cause you health problems.


Another thing that you can do to feel good is to deliberately challenge yourself. But you might say, “Wait a minute. We’re supposed to be on to do that will make me feel happy and here you are talking about me stepping out of my comfort zone? What, are you nuts!?” I can understand why would someone think that, but let’s hear me for a moment.

What most people like to do today is to perform a quick-fix respond to uncomfortable experiences. We tend to do this in the hope of replacing uncomfortable emotions  with a good one or better. It’s like a drug. So to get that result, some turn to drug itself, food, smoking, drinking and other habits that are offering some quick emotional relief. But is it the only option we have? And is that really the ultimate solution? Of course not.

Just as there are quick-fix solution, which can turn into addiction, there are also long term positive solutions. Although, it’s long term solution it does not mean you will not experience anymore emotional pain. But it means that you are addressing to the right problem the right solution. And what it does is it eliminates the root cause, instead of just the symptoms.

So why is it that comfort zone expansion is very important when it comes to feeling good. When you successful go through the process of comfort zone expansion you’ll notice that you’re more likely can generate a ‘happiness’ effect without having to wait for your current circumstance or your environment to change. As a result you don’t become depress as easily. So I’m hoping that you get the idea.

Becoming more confident and expanding your comfort zone is another answer to how to be happy in life.