One thing is for sure – you can easily spot a “self-confident” person. There is something about their posture, about the way they deal with others. It seems that no matter the obstacles they need to deal with, they will easily overcome them.

Others tend to look at self-confident people with respect and admiration.

What about you? Are you a self-confident person? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be self-confident every single day?

The truth is that many people lack confidence in themselves and this tends to affect their entire life. However, you will be glad to know that you can acquire self-confidence because this is something that you can learn and practice. The truth is that if you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone believe in you?

So, here are 4 proven methods that will help you increase your self-confidence:

#1 Self-Confident People Focus on The


This is the time to look around your family and friends. As most of us, you probably have some people in your inner circle that just seem to shred your confidence every time you see them. And this is the time to push these people away.

We all have problems in our lives that we need to deal with. However, when you put some positivity in the equation, you’ll see that you’ll be able to figure them out sooner and easier. Instead of focusing on the problems you should rather focus on the solutions.

#2 Self-Confident Image and Body


Both your image and body language are important when you want to boost your self confidence. From the eye contact, the smile, the way you walk, and your speech, they all come into play. Here are some tips to improve your body language:

– When you walk, relax your shoulders and other tensed muscles;
– Smile to make others feel more comfortable around you;
– Have a friendly conversation with strangers
– Speak slowly.

In what relates to your image, you should definitely go the extra mile here. Besides feeling better about yourself, others will see you as someone successful and self confident.

#3 Don’t Accept Failure – Endure with


The thing about life is that, sometimes a problem doesn’t have one solution but multiple solutions. Your job is to simply discover all the possibilities there is and choose what seem to be the most effective ones. Don’t accept failure means, don’t give up. Don’t feel bad about yourself, but simply look at it as blessings, as temporary challenges that will make you stronger, wiser and more confident human being.

When you constantly say to yourself that you’re not worth it, that you’re not smart enough, that you’re not attractive enough, and so on, you’re only creating your own self-fulfilling prophecy. The result is that you end up being just like what you are preaching and this is exactly what you want to avoid. So, just keep all those negative thoughts off your head.


#4 Prepare and Anticipate and Generate


One of the biggest secrets of self confident people is the fact that they are always prepared for everything. Either when you need to do a presentation, have a job interview, or anything else, when you are prepared, you will be able to fully demonstrate your skills and your self confidence will also shine.

As you can see, self confidence is a learning process that you can acquire and develop. You just need to forsake all the negative point of view and begin to approach your life with a positive frame of mind.