Concentration is a vital key to success. You cannot accomplish things that will give you a rewarding experience if you always get distracted by anything that comes in contact with your senses. Today, I will be responding to a question in the comment section in regards to concentration. So let’s get started.


You might be trying to carry out some work or maybe studying, the problem with some of us is that sometimes it’s very difficult to focus. One of the possible reasons why we experience this is probably because of our obsession.

Obsession could be towards a person, an activity, a place or a thing. Obsession is a powerful psychological force that draws a person’s mind’s attention like magnet to what it finds extremely interesting.

Just like gravity, It doesn’t matter how many times you try to avoid landing on the ground every time you jump, the most certain thing that will happen is that, you will definitely end up in the same place. The same thing happens when you’re obsessing about someone or something.

The sad part about this is that, it’s not only your thinking that’s being affected, but also your emotion. When that happens thoughts you think are not anymore just simple thoughts and you can’t just easily set them aside. When you’re obsess they become forge as a belief, which may turn into reality or false reality.

What you can do at this point is to either allow the obsession to subside or you can actively put effort to replace it on your mind. And you can do that by forcing yourself to spend time doing something more interesting or extremely fun. This could divide the obsession’s power in half, which will then give you chance to regain rational thinking.

And once you’ve gained a bit of momentum, the fight is not over yet. You still have to decided to continue doing what you did that allowed your mind to recover.


Another reason why you might be having trouble focusing is the height of the value of the project. In other words, is it important enough for you? If it appears not important enough, your mind will then say, “Since it’s not important enough, might as well do other things. You can determine what you’re likely going to focus your mind on base on the value of your subject or target.

So the more valuable you think an activity, a person, a place or a thing is the more likely you will end up focusing on them first. The mind doesn’t enjoy boring stuff. The mind looks for something interesting, feels good and that’s where the value is.

So what can you do about it? You can cultivate clarity about your subject. In other words be clear of the why is it important. Let say you want to focus more on your study but you’re having a bit of trouble concentrating, what you can do is get clear about your reasons why. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down this question… Why is this important to me? You will then find the answers.


Alright, enough of the crazy mind stuff. Let’s talk about other things that will help your mind to focus or concentrate its attention. This time we’re going to talk about nutrients. Your mind produces brain chemicals such as Dopamine, Endorphin and so on.

Now, there will be times that your mind is not producing enough of these stuff that helps you with concentration and its going to cause you to lose attention span and lack of energy and also mental powers.

This is the time when you need help from outside sources other than what your own body can produce. I’m not an expert on herbal medicine so don’t just take my word for that, but I know that some of the herbal supplements I’ve taken such as Nootropics really helped.

When I’m facing a difficult situation like this, I usually go to the nearest local health food store. There, you will find that the people that works there are fairly knowledgeable when it comes to the product that they’re selling. So if you’re planning to do the same, then don’t forget to ask around about what you need.

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