My question for you today is should you chase or attract success? You probably start analyzing your belief as soon as you heard this. But don’t worry because I’m going to help you decide on how to answer that.

I’ve heard people who teach about success and they hammer so much on chasing success. It’s something many people believe will work because it’s what they been told to do and also what they see other people are doing. It’s based on social proof. As a result, they have adapted to this certain way of thinking.

But my question to you is this… Is this the most effective way to become successful? The answer is it depends . It depends on how you define success. It depends on what makes you happy. It depends on what you believe.


But based on my own observation there are three ways people go about it. The first one is measuring success by how much hard work you do. Many of us think that we are not successful and the reason is because we don’t work hard enough. Do you think that’s true?

If you would think about it hard enough you would probably find out that it’s not 100% true. Why? Because if you would look around you will find that there are so many people who work so hard until they are old and still haven’t scratch the surface of real success.

Here’s the second one. On the opposite end of what I just mentioned, there are other people who do minimal work. I mean, they don’t even have to do any strenuous physical work. All they have to do is talk for an hour and viola! Paychecks worth thousands of dollars  are already written for them. So what does that say to you? It says that hard work alone is not the only way. And it’s probably not the most effective way of acquiring success.

The third kind of method that people use is the wishy-washy method. What they would do is just wish for nice house, nice car, vacation and all luxurious stuff without having to do any work. They don’t work on chasing success of their business and they don’t work on themselves. They just wait for it to just fall in to their laps.


Okay, so If it’s not just physical hard work and it’s not being wishy-washy that makes one successful, then what is? There is another way. A way which you attract opportunities to you instead of blindly chasing them away or wishing for them. Well, how do you do that? You do that by first figuring what your ideal lucrative choice of career is and then work on becoming the kind of person that tend to become successful in it. This is called the attraction method. It’s in between sloppy aggressive and completely passive.

To attract, you need to become attractive. In order to become attractive you need to have certain qualities and skill sets, which are on demand. If you would observe this world what do you see that everyone is looking for?… That’s right! Solutions to human problems. We all want a better life. If you can develop a set of skills or product that will solve many people’s problems what’s going to happen is they can’t help but become attracted to you. They will admire you, respect you, look for you and follow you.

Now, which one do you think is more ideal when it comes to success, is it knocking on doors, passively waiting for things to happen or is it by creating value that makes people search for you and want to give you their money?… You decide.