Is mental clarity starting to become an issue to you? I noticed recently that a friend of mine spends a long time thinking about what to do with his business and his personal life. Especially in the past, I viewed him as someone who’s very strategic with his plans. I actually consider him an intelligent person. Someone who can see things better than others.

But not long ago, there came a point when a business decision had to be made. And things were just scrambled up. He said to me, “Ok, let me think about what we can do.”  And he would sit in the car looking up and I would wait for several minutes for him. By the way his face wasn’t showing any signs of ‘aha moments’ I knew that a light bulb hadn’t struck his head.

So I waited patiently for awhile, perhaps another 15 minutes to give him more time. Then I said, “Well…”. Then he turned to me and so much to my surprise his respond was, “I can’t.. It’s hard to decide right now.”

The point of this matter is, when our minds are not clear its very challenging to make the right decision. So what happen is we usually decide not to decide. If you are a business owner, a parent, a student sometimes it is scary to make an important decision. It’s scary because a single mistake may cause you time, money, energy, good relationships, GPA and so forth. So as much as possible, it is very important to have a clear mind and I hope this bits of information will help you with that.

Try a Bit of Minimalism

What does minimalism mean? I came across it online not long ago and somebody described it as living a simpler life. I like the sound of that, especially when it comes to doing things. And that’s because I’m not a big fan of complicated stuff. So to make it simpler to understand, I see it as a reduction of distractions. That if you’re spending your time on something that doesn’t help you reach your goal, then you should eliminate it.

The next question is what distractions are we talking about here? Is it your dog jumping around your couch trying to remind you that its lunch time? No. Not that kind of distraction. So to be clear, I’m talking about the things and activities that’s causing your mind stress and mental block. By simply taking away some of the things that’s distracting you(the unimportant things), you’re saving your brain some trouble in dealing with some mental clutter. When you get rid of stuff that that doesn’t serve you, your mind is using less effort to think, thus clarity of mind occurs.

Hit The Gym

There are times that mental blurriness is not just a symptom of getting old. So don’t worry about that. Sometimes, the reason why we don’t have mental clarity is because of poor blood circulation that goes to our brain. So at this point, your best bet is to show yourself some love by going to the gym and get that blood circulation in your body.

As a personal trainer, I understand that not everyone like to go to the gym. Sometimes it’s not really because they are incapable of making these changes, but how they view the world. So I’m veering off the topic here a little bit just to shed some light. But here is the magic word, Paradigm Shift. That is what you need. If you’re view of exercising is negative, then you will feel negative about it. It’s not real. It’s a false sense of belief that’s got to be broken.

And you do that by facing it head on.. If you go the gym enough, not because I said so, but because you truly desire to live longer and healthier and massively reduce foggy mind, later on that negative view of yours about this healthy lifestyle is going to change. I’ve seen it happen. So give it a shot, my friend.

Organize Your Environment

Another thing you can do is to organize your environment. Something about having a place or an office in order gives us mental clarity. And you probably agree that when things are very chaotic in the place we work we find it hard to find what we are looking for.

On the side note, this goes hand in hand with applying minimalism. Just imagine how easier for your brain to process information when clutter or distractions are greatly reduced and your work place is well organize. What would it look like then? I’d say you’re probably double your productivity and effectiveness.