In this post you’ll learn 3 things you can do to become more confident. There are certainly things that we do that take away our self-confidence, but the good news is there are things that we can also do to help us develop more confidence.

Do What You’re Good At

Let me ask you this question, when do you feel good and confident about yourself? Isn’t it when you are doing something that you’re good at? Isn’t it when you’re doing something you enjoy doing?

Because when you find something that you like and enjoy things starts to change psychologically. The 3 THINGS YOU CAN DO TO BECOME MORE CONFIDENT 7way you hold yourself change, the way you feel about yourself and most importantly the way you think change. You’re a different person because you have activated a confident mindset.

I guess another way I should put it is, find your passion. Everyone has different description or definition of what passion is. But for me its something that you like and enjoy doing. And it’s something that even though you’re likely to face great challenges you don’t mind. You just do it because it feels good. It feels like it’s just the right thing for you to be doing. And you feeling like It is your calling.

Your passion is one of your sources of inner powers. It’s like a well of life where you can draw positive energy and confidence from. So find what you’re good at, find your passion, find what you enjoy and like doing.

Expand Your Comfort Zone

This one is about trying out new things. What do I mean by that? How does trying new things will make you confident? Expanding or stepping out of your comfort zone is about becoming adaptable to new things in life.

When you move to a new place, which you’ve never been to in the past it feels weird at times and you may think, “Wow! I’m feeling some strong emotions here and its somehow making me uncomfortable. But after a while this emotional and psychological experience dissipate and you start to feel more comfortable and at home. I know that this is geared more towards feeling more comfortable but it does 3 THINGS YOU CAN DO TO BECOME MORE CONFIDENT 8something to the level of your confidence.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is not just limited to moving or visiting new places, you can also challenge yourself to improve your social life. You can do that by meeting new people. I guarantee you’re shy and if you talk to new people everyday, even in simplest way such as smiling and saying, “Hello, how are you doing today.” Eventually, you will feel more comfortable around strangers. And you’ll be able to have longer conversations.

You might ask, why is it happening like that? Here’s a quick psychological explanation. When you see someone at a public place the first thing you do is try to guess what this person’s personality type is. You do that by just looking at him or by experiencing his vibe and maybe by trying to read his facial expression and behavior.

Now, since you’re really not gifted with mind reading powers, what’s going to happen is you’re just going to end up projecting your thoughts about him, which is not based on reality. So it’s a false reality. That’s exactly what we have in our minds.

Unfortunately, false reality can ruin interactions with other people. But by talking to people you start to break that false reality and start to connect with reality. This means, you’re not judging people by what you think they are by just looking at them, but you actually experience them through interactions. And in these interactions, the more experience you have with them, the more confident you become.

Practice Positive Thinking

I know there’s a lot of teachings out there about positive thinking these days. And I think its great! But the problem is it seems like it’s loosing its real essence. Positive thinking words are becoming commonly used. I read it online. I read it from books. I hear it on podcast and now I just heard a close friend saying it as if he really knew what he was talking about.

I said, “That’s great! I like that way of thinking.” Because I thought I found someone I can relate to when I talk about these stuff. But not long after that trials in life came and washed away those words out of his mind. 3 THINGS YOU CAN DO TO BECOME MORE CONFIDENT 9

Now, my question is, what does it really mean to think positively and how can it help us with self-
confidence? If you would think about it, the word THINK is a verb or an action word. With that you probably assume that positive thinking must be applied or used. Yes, of course. And the real question is,
when and how do we apply it in away that help us increase the level of our self-confidence? You practice it when times are tough. It’s easy to do it when things are going well, there’s no question about that. But we don’t develop muscles when there’s no gravity or resistance.

Here’s another thing, positive thinking doesn’t directly help us generate confidence during tough times, especially when we have nothing to be confident about. But it does help us brave ourselves in face of tough challenges in life. And that is a sign of developing inner strength, which later on can transform into confidence. So positive thinking may or may not give us the confidence that we need right away, but it is highly essential for confidence.

So use positive thinking or positive self talk. Keep away from disempowering way of thinking, because it will just absorbed your inner power and your self-confidence.