Why You Should Be More Patient 7

Why You Should Be More Patient 8s adults we know that being patient is a good trait to have. And if you have children you probably teach this value to them.

When kids want something they want to have it right away.
But we know that life doesn’t always work that way. So you say to your child, “Son, don’t be frustrated. Learning how to read takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight.” You encourage them to keep on trying and not give up. And that’s because more than children, we adults understand the value of patience.

But what about us adults? How often do we remember that patience is an absolute must when it comes to getting the things that we want out of life? Do we also remind ourselves to be patient when we take on different endeavors in life?

In reality, for many of us adults, we would pick up a book, try to learn different skills, or take on a new business venture.

In the beginning, we are abounding in efforts and excitement. But then, the challenges started popping up. We see that there are lots of work that needs to be done. And it doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. As a result, we lose our patient and motivation. And for many of us, because it doesn’t seem to be working, we start to believe that this is not going to work. And sadly, we finally give up.

Why You Should Be More Patient 9So what is my message to you here? You are absolutely right! The message here is that we need to be more patient. Just like a child who needs extra reminder, we need to remind ourselves that as long as we are doing our part to make things work… progress is being made. We may not see it in a visible level. But in subatomic level there are changes and miracle happening.

Why am I talking to you about this today? The reason why is, we don’t really know for sure what’s going to happen in the future. But there is one thing we can be certain of and that is whether we fail or succeed in our endeavor we would learn something valuable. We would become wiser, stronger, better. So don’t be afraid to give your best and be patient. Why? Because this maybe the only thing standing between you and the success that you earnestly desire.