Reasons Why Your Muscles Won’t Grow Fast Enough Part 2

Reasons Why Your Muscles Won’t Grow Fast Enough Part 2

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Failure to Understand the Growth Process 


The common question we ask is, how to grow muscle? One of the most common mistake beginners make is failure to understand. Growth doesn’t just happen overnight. And it doesn’t happen by just solely relying By just looking at people who go to the gym and do they’re workout, it seem like the reason why they become solid and muscular is that they do the work. And many beginners get so motivated by this idea and model it. As a result, they end up visiting their gym 7 days a week or more.

Now what is wrong with that picture? It doesn’t work that way. It’s a waste of time and it can be detrimental to health. So what do beginners need to know,  instead of looking at this one-sidedly. There are two sides to this growth process. The thing about it is it takes time to develop muscles.

During that period of development, there are two major things that need to take place in order to complete the growth process and that’s what we are going to take a look at right now.

The Work


It’s good to become motivated and inspired to look good and feel good about ourselves. So its good to go to the gym and do some work. As the workout takes place, the muscles are expose to stresses and tensions, which then causes damage and tear of muscles. This is both good and bad. It’s bad because damage are being done to our body, but the good news is, it causes us to grow stronger, bigger, better. And that’s the first side of it.

The Recovery Process


Now here’s the other side. The recovery process is just as essential as the workout part of the growth process. This is when the expansion for growth takes place. Just imagine your house being renovated and adding more room to it.

When your body recovers, its capacity expands. The recovery process is all about allowing the body heal itself. This is where many people who are excited about result make mistakes. They don’t allow their body to heal itself.

To allow the body to heal itself, you have to stop working out for a day or more. And as you allow your body to experience the restful state, it’s a wise move to provide it with essential nutrients for growth. That is when macronutrients and micronutrients take place. By including them to your daily food intake, you are doubling the speed of your muscle development.

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