“Nutrition – Process by which living organism assimilates food and uses it for growth and repair of tissues.” -NASM

Here are the top reasons why your muscle are not growing fast enough. So you’re probably wondering why some people who hit the gym everyday and still get minimal or no result. We have a good explanation for that. Things like that happen for reasons and we’re going to tell you exactly why. 

Essential Nutrients

What most people know about body builder is that, body builder go to the gym. A lot.  And that’s correct. We have no argument against that. But what most people miss out on is that, body building is not just about going to the gym. It is not 100% of the equation. What do I mean by that?

There are other components that need to be considered. So keep in mind that hitting the gym is just a component of larger picture and that there other ones which are equally important, and one of them is what we call the “Essential Nutrients”. Very important.

Why Essential Nutrients are vital for muscle growth? Because they support lots of body functions and that includes calorie expenditure, or energy conversion.


So now that you know that Essential Nutrients are vital for muscle growth, we’re going to talk about what consist of it. The first one is what’s known as Macronutrients. Macro means large. Simply put, this is the type of nutrient that we need to consume in a large quantity.

But what exactly are the Macronutrients? Glad you asked. The Macronutrients include Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins. These three are great sources of calories to use as energy. But that’s not all, if you know how much of these you need or to take base on your fitness goal, the difference in speed of growth you’ll witness will be as clear as night and day.

Here are other things that’s good to know. In 1 gram of Fat there are 9 calories. In 1 gram of Protein you get 4 calories and same goes with Carbs. 1 gram of Carbohydrate produces 4 counts of calories.

Remember that the demands of Macronutrients will increase as you shoot for muscle mass, especially on Carbs and Proteins. Do you want to find out how much protein intake is ideal for you? I know a calculating tool that you can use to find out how much protein you need to take. Check this out Protein Intake Calculator.

Micro Nutrients

The second part of the Essential Nutrients  is Micronutrients. Micro means small, or needed in small quantity. Nutrients means nutrients. So combine them together and you’ll get Micronutrients. Simple enough. Now, let talk more about what Micronutrients are, because this is important as well.

What’s the role of Micronutrients in muscle growth? When we train, muscles need repair. Micronutrients are the ones that take care of that function. And they also help in internal glands functions, so when our body functions normally, we will be capable of training hard.

Where can we get Micronutrients? We get them from fruits and vegetables. Now, there’s something that I want you to know. Not every food are created the same. Many contain very inadequate amount of nutrients because of the way foods are produce. Meaning, there’s not enough nutrients in them.

Sometimes to make it enough, we have to consume or eat more of them. And that’s going to lead to additional calories, which will intern add some weight. If you’re goal is not to gain weight, then this may not the perfect approach for you.

So what’s the solution here? The good news is that, there’s an alternative! We don’t have to stuff ourselves a bunch of food and feel bad about it.  And we can do that by taking multi vitamins from the bottles. This is the shortcut.