Feed Your Mind

Helps Build a Healthy Relationship

If you want to have an amazing relationship, you would have to begin with understanding yourself. And then, you learn what to expect about being in a relationship with another person. Because if you jump straight in a relationship without discovering yourself, what’s going to happen is, you’re going to do things that are going to hurt your relationship and the worse part about it is you wouldn’t realize you’re doing it.

Now, I’m not saying that once you’re on self-development your relationship will be problem free. No. No. No. As much as I want to tell you that it’s going to be that way, it simply doesn’t work that way. But why should you bother improving yourself?

The reason why is, it’s going to be a way better experience. It’s better because you would be more aware of why things happen. You won’t get as confused as when you were in a relationship during your high school year. When you enter a relationship you should know that there are responsibilities.

There are components of a strong relationship that makes it a solid relationship. Amazing relationship don’t come by accident. They’ve got to be constantly worked on. It’s like a car that needs maintenance and oil change every now and then.

Great relationship come when two well develop, independent, emotionally and mentally mature people join together. People who have no idea of what to expect in a relationship and has not develop inner game tend to be codependent. It’s an addiction or attachment to the partner that can drain the light out of that person. Simply put, it makes life so much difficult.

Door to Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

The vast majority of people in this world has no clue of what their purpose in life are. To them, life is not meaningful. To them, its pretty much about eat, sleep, drink, have fun, work and repeat. This makes people experience emptiness, confusion, clarity and feel like they lack something they can’t even identify.  Some may seem to be getting ahead in life financially, but they feel that something is still missing.

One day they finally get to their death-bed as Robin Sharma said, then they ask, “What could I have done and why didn’t I do it?” James Allen said, “They who have no central purpose in their lives, fall easy prey to pity, worries, fears, troubles and self-pitying.”

A person who is in his right mind would want to minimize the confusion, mental and emotional hurdles he or she is experiencing. And that is exactly what self actualization or development does. It helps you expand your awareness so your life will be more fulfilling and meaningful.

If Fights Anxiety and Depression

There are times that the reason why we become depress and overcome by anxiety is because are minds are not develop. When we don’t understand a challenging situation in life, don’t understand something weird going on inside ourselves, and we suspect that it could harm us we tend to freak out and panicky.

Now, I’m not saying that if you devote yourself in self-development you are guaranteed to understand everything about yourself and whatever that’s happening in your life. The truth is, the learning process is long and painstaking at times. But by understanding that we have the ability to change the way we think and the ability to choose our responses to our situations in life, this will greatly shift our experience to something more pleasant.

Let me ask you something, when do you feel depress? Wasn’t it the time when you are thinking depressing thoughts? Do you also realize that when you’re thinking sad thoughts is the time when you feel sad? And why are there people who watch horror movie and some get scared and others just had laughs at it as if they’re watching a comedy show? The reason lies in the perception of the mind. Some people just have the ability to step outside the box. And most of us do, but we have to train our minds to be aware and reach that level.