Knowing the importance of physical training is one great thing, but knowing what exactly fits your goal is another.

This is important because if you want to get to your goal faster than the average guys, then you’re going to need to know what steps to take in order for you to get there, otherwise, you might wind up spending lots of time on a type of training that doesn’t lead to your fitness goal.

Stability Training

This kind of training is for people who easily get out of balance. If you find yourself unable to walk straight on a straight line, then this is definitely the type of training that you need.

Cardiovascular Endurance

There are two kinds of endurance training that you can perform. There is the strength endurance training and also cardiovascular endurance training. Cardiovascular Endurance is normally achieve when you go for a long run.

Strength Endurance

And the Strength Endurance training can be achieved by Isometric training. Iso means constant. Metric means length. When you combine the two it becomes constant length or Isometric training. An example of people who engage into this training are those people performing Calisthenic or Body Weight training.


Strength training is commonly seen in fitness industry. Every year there are competition taken place. And one of the reason why is because they are looking for extraordinarily strong people they can find. So if you’re thinking about building strength to have the chance to compete or maybe just to keep yourself feeling young and strong then this is for you.


The flexibility training is for people who perform extraordinary range of motion. If you’re one of the people who practice any form of martial arts, including Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and so forth, then this is for you. If you would like to become a ballet dancer, latin dancer or even a break dancer, this is definitely for you.


This type of training is for people who envision themselves looking buff and having bulky muscles. The process takes place when you lift progressively heavy weight. So what does the training on paper look like? Different people have slightly different ways of doing it but it basically look like this..

Sets. 4 – 6. The more sets for this kind of training is better.

Repetition, typically around 8 – 12. You would want to start with 12 reps and then decrease the repetition as you add more weight on the next sets.


Plyometric revolves around the idea of explosive movements. Plyometrics, also known as power training can improve your strength and power. These can be used for athletic performance. So if you play football, or rugby or other similar sports that may need explosive movements, then plyometric training is something you can look into.

Ideal Sets and Reps depends on the body parts that you’re training. But ideally, the sets should be about 1 – 3 and the repetition is typically around 12 – 20. Now, don’t get fooled by this. This isn’t always accurate approach for everything. An example of that is when you’re putting heavy load on your shoulder while performing consecutive power jumps. At this point, your set and reps should be decreased.

However, if you only use your body weight, people go for 30 reps and 3 sets. The reason why you should decrease when carrying something heavy is to avoid joint and muscle injuries.

Agility, Quickness and Speed

This type of training is recommended for athletes who are in sports such as boxing, martial arts, football and so forth.

These 3 training are different from one another, but because it’s a one body functionality, if you combine these 3 abilities together it looks pretty impressive to look at.

Agility. To train to become agile, what you should do is to train your core muscles. Core muscle is definitely one of the keys to this. A well define core muscle supports the twisting and turning of the body instantaneously. And if you don’t have the core strength to withstand the stress that comes with these kinds of movements, you are most-likely to end up with pulled back or core muscles.

Quickness Training. Quickness by the way is the quick respond of the body from outside stimuli. So when you’re about to receive a punch and you are able to dodge it or better yet, deliver a counter punch, then you’re pretty much a quick person. Training with moving obstacles can make you quick.

Speed Training. To train for speed running and sprinting are the kind of training that you’re looking for. Speed is usually a straight forward run training without turning. And you have to do it as fast as you possibly can. This will force your body to access and activate as much muscle fibers as possible.

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