Build big muscles

If you want to look more attractive and become stronger It’s a great idea to start thinking about new possibilities. In this post, I will teach you the things that contribute to solid muscle weight gain fast!

Enough Repetitive Physical Challenge

One of the things that are often overlook is the physical challenge that is repetitive. Your muscle grows in size and strength when its being place under some kind of physical stress repeatedly. This can be accomplish by performing exercise routine containing Sets and Reps(Repetitions).

Damage on muscle fibers may be part of the equation, but don’t fret. The body does it’s job automatically by healing itself, which is highly related to our next discussion.

Enough Rest

After workout, your body has taken damage in small, inner level. This means your body need some time to repair itself. One of the best thing you can do to help your body repair itself is take sufficient rest. The ideal rest is 72 hours for the muscle group that you’ve used. So let say for example, you did benchpress today. This is the Pectoralis or chest muscle group. If you want this get enough rest, you’re going to have to wait 72 hours or a couple of days. And then, it would be ideal to give it another bout.

Enough Nutritional Supplements

When your body has been through physical challenges, what normally happen is, It uses more energy. It takes micro internal damage both the bones and muscle fibers. You may not see it but if you’re body is not trained and you expose it to physically challenge activity such as running, what you might not know is, the bones in your shins are taking damage. They break in tiny levels. Also happens with muscle fibers and so on. For these parts of your body to repair itself, you’re going to need to consume more nutrients necessary for repair such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Without the proper supply of these things could mean slow healing process, which is equal to slow muscle growth.

Repeat The Process

So that’s basically it. Expose your body to physical challenge. Make sure you get enough rest. And make sure you get enough proper nutritional supplements. Lastly, for continuous growth, you must repeat this process and you should see visible physical transformation within months.